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Fedex Day Time Layovers

Sat Mar 13, 2004 1:33 pm

Until 3 months ago MSP's Fedex terminal usually had 4 Fedex a/c parked during the day-usually 2 A300's, a MD10 and a 727. They were there during all daylight hours. Now they are no longer there at all except sometimes during a weekend you may see a 727 parked there.

Where have all the Fedex a/c gone? Instead of spending their days at MSP oh where oh where have they gone? Any body on know reasons? Did MSP raise their layover parking rates so high? Or is the ongoing construction of the new runway and taxiways at MSP forced Fedex to day layover their a/c elsewhere? W?here are they hiding them during the day?

UPS still seems to have its 2-3 DC8's parked by their building during daylight hours.

Tks for any info.
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