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Is The Ex-NASA CV990 Being Moved?

Sat Mar 13, 2004 10:56 pm

I have received a note that the blue and white (i.e. ex-NASA) Convair 990 Coronado preserved at Mojave (as a gate guardian) is being moved. Does anyone know where it's going, when, and for what purpose (preservation, training object, scrapping etc), and whether it will fly or be towed there?
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RE: Is The Ex-NASA CV990 Being Moved?

Sun Mar 14, 2004 3:41 am

I have been to MJV many times, and have photographed both remaining 990's hundreds of times.

There have been rumors for two years that the gate guardian is going to be pulled back into the secured space because too many people are tampering with the 990 at night. It has no protection whatsoever.

As for towing for flying - this aircraft will never fly again. It was heavily modified to test the Space Shuttle's landing gear - which do not retract. Mojave is a VERY windy place - and the engine nacelles are full of sand.

Although it is in decent shape, it is estimated that it would take $5-$6 million (US) to get it back in the air again.
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