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The Caribbean .

Mon Mar 15, 2004 6:56 am

We have spoken many times about air service all over the world including the
Caribbean. But I would like to start a topic about the Caribbean, and the
Airlines in this region and their air routes.

For example, flights from the Caribbean to Europe.
What are the main schedule flights to and from these two regions? For example
out of Puerto Rico, there is only IB SJU-MAD. Which is not non-stop daily, it
makes a stop in SDQ every other day. And I know that DE has a flight to SJU
that is in conjugation with PUJ. I think it operates FRA-SJU-PUJ-FRA?

Santo Domingo has IB SDQ-MAD daily, though not non-stop everyday again
making a stop in SJU every other day. AF Operates SDQ-CDG, I don't know if it is daily, and I think it sometimes stops in PUJ along the way? DE Has flights
to the Dominican Republic, don't know if they are daily and scheduled. I have
seen LT in POP, but again I don't know if that is scheduled.

Is JM still operating MBJ-HAV-LHR? I know they fly LHR-KIN-MBJ. And they also have some kind of MAN flight. Is BA still flying out of KIN or MBJ?

I know that BA flies to West Indies destinations like PLS,GCM,NAS,MBJ,KIN,
ANU,BGI,POS,GND and I am sure a couple of more that I don't know about.
With BW flying their colorful birds to LHR out of BGI and POS. But what ever
happenend to all the other cities they flew to? I hope they can regain destinations like ZRH.

AF has a good handful of destinations, and has a A320 operating MIA-PAP-
PTP and on to Cayenne. With Air Caraibe now operating A330's to Paris, and
it's ERJ's operating within the Caribbean.

I have mentioned only a couple of the many Air routes out of the Caribbean.
But...What is the future? And what was the past?
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RE: The Caribbean .

Mon Mar 15, 2004 7:08 am

JM flies the A343 to MAN daily I think and don't forget the regular charters from the UK to the Caribbean. MyTravel, Thomas Cook, First Choice and Monarch all go there, off the top of my head anyway.
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RE: The Caribbean .

Mon Mar 15, 2004 7:51 am

AF operates:

3 weekly CDG-SDQ with a B742
4 weekly CDG-PUJ with a B744/B742
Daily CDG-SXM with an A343
Daily CDG-HAV with a B744

Daily ORY-FDF (Martinique) with a B743 + 4 weekly ORY-FDF with a B742
Daily ORY-PTP (Guadeloupe) with a B743 + 4 weekly ORY-PTP with a B742

Daily ORY-CAY (French Guyana) with an A343

Daily MIA-PAP-PTP-FDF-CAY with an A320 + 3 weekly with ERJ (Air Caraibes)

Weekly FDF-POS-CAY with A320
Weekly PTP-FDF-CCS with ERJ

CORSAIR flies daily to PTP,FDF and 3 weekly to SXM from ORY

Air Caraibes flies daily PTP-ORY and daily FDF-ORY with A332.

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RE: The Caribbean .

Mon Mar 15, 2004 8:09 am

Here a little I know from my country

Grenada - BA/LGW, VS/LGW, JN/LGW, DE/FRA Conx to BW and JM/LHR
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RE: The Caribbean .

Mon Mar 15, 2004 8:28 am

Without necessarily thinking of the future, or the past, it might be better to check on the current, don't you think?

All current info is available via here or the respective carriers' websites.

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RE: The Caribbean .

Mon Mar 15, 2004 10:06 am

JM flies to MAN twice weekly: KIN-MBJ-MAN one day and MBJ-KIN-MAN the other. They fly eight times weekly (according to caribbeanaviation.com) between LHR and KIN. two of those flights are non-stops to KIN, one stops in HAV (there is no return service direct from HAV), and most of the remaining flights stop in MBJ before continuing to KIN. One flight may serve KIN non-stop, before continuing to MBJ (see below).

JM flies daily from LHR-MBJ, most of those flights are non-stop.

One thing for sure: most flights serve both MBJ and KIN, with one serving HAV and KIN. Having checked with air jamaica's website, I can confirm the number of flights between LHR and MBJ (seven) and LHR and KIN (eight)

BA flies three times weekly between LGW-KIN. BA no longer flies MBJ.

Caribbeanaviation.com is a good place to go to check out flight schedules to the caribbean, though the site may not be up to date, and I know for a fact that some of the information (pertaining to Jamaica) is not correct or contradictory. Still, you will get a pretty good idea of the flights that currently operate to the Caribbean.
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RE: The Caribbean .

Mon Mar 15, 2004 12:32 pm

What were BW's European cities in the late 80's and early 90's? Also, I remember BW flying to SJU in the early 90's too.
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RE: The Caribbean .

Mon Mar 15, 2004 4:30 pm

BeeWee used to fly to Stockholm, Zurich, Frankfurt and I believe Copenhagen in addition to the their London service back in the 80'/early 90's.

BWIA also used to fly into San Juan, as part of its island hopper flight that would depart Port of Spain and make enroute stops in St. Lucia, Antigua and San Juan before continuing onto Kingston. The return flight operated via SJU and BGI into POS. Great flight, had the opportunity to do it in 1986 and 87 aboard the MD-80. Those were the days!
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RE: The Caribbean .

Mon Mar 15, 2004 4:53 pm

Nassau used to have flights to Europe by LH, DE and AOM, probably others. Now it's only BA left, and with a 767 instead of a 747.  Sad

For European tourists, it would be important to have more connections. For instance, going from Berlin to Nassau, you cannot take the non-stop from LHR, because it leaves there only roughly 20 minutes after the first flight from Berlin arrives! And that certainly is not enough time to get from one terminal at Heathrow to another. (Part of the problem here though is that LH abandoned service from Berlin to London. Hey, it's only two European capitals, right.)

Especially in the Age of American Paranoia, a lot of Europeans - as well as citizens of West Indian/Latin American nations would love to travel trans-Atlantic WITHOUT going through the US. In the case of The Bahamas, that's virtually impossible.

I was shopping around for my flight home next month. First I tried to go through LHR, but that would have meant to spend the night (and an awful lot of pounds) in London.

I then tried to go through Montreal or Toronto, but again, I can't make the connecting flights. So I realized that I had to go through the US (and Tom Ridge will be interested to know that my wife ordered a special meal).

At least, I hoped to avoid MIA, hey, Nassau quite a few non-stops by US, NW, DL & CO. But every city you try, the flight to Nassau leaves before the flight from Europe arrives. That is with the exception of ATL.

If I were a tourist, I'd think getting there is more trouble than it's worth, and book... I dunno. Maybe a DE flight to Punta Cana or Varradero or something. After all, they only come for the sea and sun (and maybe cocktails), right?
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RE: The Caribbean .

Mon Mar 15, 2004 6:29 pm

Air Gabon you have forgotten Corsair flights :
Ory /Varadero
Ory/ Holguin
Ory/ Santiago
Dom Rep
During the week-end Corsair flies 2 flights per day to FDF/PTP and during peak summer time there 3 flights a day
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RE: The Caribbean .

Mon Mar 15, 2004 11:31 pm

Barbados has alot of flight when compared to other islands.

LGW BGI BA 772 daily. With extra 772 service and 747 service from heathrow during winter

LGW BGI VS 747 daily

LHR BGI BW 343 3 time weekly

LGW BGI Thomas cook weekly

MAN BGI BWIA 343 twice weekly
MAN BGI BMI twice weekly to start later this year

MIA BGI AA 757 twice daily
MIA BGI BW 738 daily

JFK BGI AA A300 maybe a 767 daily
JFK BGI BW 738 daily
JFK BGI JM A320 daily

IAD(washington Dc) BGI weekly

AC 5 weekly i think could be wrong
BW weekly

BWIA cut all european routes except UK during the re organisation in the mid 1990s. Man was added nearly 2 years and with the addition of the second 340 we may see a return to continental europe.
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RE: The Caribbean .

Mon Mar 15, 2004 11:48 pm

Roger Chung-Wee hosts an excellent site on the subject. Visit:
http://www.caribbeanaviation.com for more information. At times, http://www.caribbeanalpa.com also has good info.
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RE: The Caribbean .

Tue Mar 16, 2004 12:07 am

As BW 772 said, Barbados really has the bulk of flights, at least in the southern Caribbean..

BW provides LHR via Barbados, St. Lucia and Antigua on the A343, and twice weekly to MAN via BGI, now also on the A343.

Tobago is seeing a slow growth in European traffic with the inception of Virgin Atlantic B744 service to LGW last year, and continuing B772 service by BA. There is also Thomas Cook (Condor) and I've seen charter flights from Air Europa, Britannia, Air Tours International and the like in Tobago on separate occasions..
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RE: The Caribbean .

Tue Mar 16, 2004 12:13 am

I think that Puerto Rico is the island with the biggest unstable international traffic schedules. For some reason, airlines don't keep international flights routes open for long. Now, for International, I mean medium to long haul flights; since flights to the east smaller islands are fine as part of AA's Caribbean Hub.
Puerto Rico just don't get sevice from any other place regulary other than Spain (IB) and Panama (Copa). Services to Dominican Republic are another story. They're just never ending. Services to the USA, are forever, with mostly every US airline that files overseas comming to PR, excluding AmericaWest, Hawaiian, Aloha., etc. But we have daily services from ATL, BOS, IAD, IAH, EWR, MCO, MIA, FLL, TPA, ORD, CLT, DFW, LAX, LGA, DCA, BWI, PHL, JFK, MDW, SAN, MSP and some more. That is to/fom US and to name frequencies and airlines will be a waste of time. Thomas Cook flies weekly from FRA. We used to have Lufthansa from FRA, MartinAir, Corsair, British Airways, Virgin... at least weekly, but Iberia its the only european airline flying frequently. AirCanada is flying A320's on weekends from Toronto.

While Puerto Rico seems to be an attraction for the USA, SDQ is one for Europeans. See, SDQ is served by AirFrance, Thomas Cook, Spanair, Iberia, LTU. PUJ by Volare, LTU, Condor, Eurofly, MartinAir and some more. The same goes for the few europeans airlines that serve Puerto Plata. Now, for an "island" that size, that's too much european traffic (not bad). SDQ also receives flights from Aeropostal, Cubana, Copa, AeroContinente, Lanchile, Mexicana and some other Latin American Carriers - Things you just won't see in PR until something worth it happens.

Cuba gets mostly every European airline, and the leeward and the rest of the island are another bunch. See, every caribbean country has services all-round to other caribbean destination and mostly every place. People living in SDQ or in any other Caribbean island, does not have to go to MIA to get to Europe, or South America as we do (unless we fly Copa Air through Panama). We in PR have the NEED to transfer most of our long haul international flights through USA gateways.

Now, its amazing that for traffic that we have in PR, our airport never sleeps and can rest for a coulple of minutes without landings and deptartings... ; we don't get to see 747-400's or 777. We do see MD-11's because Martin Air brings its cargo ship. We see A330's Because USAirways brings it everyday from PHL, we see A343/A346, because Iberia brings it daily (sometimes at night) from SDQ/MD), Spain">MAD, and we see 747 because either Iberia or a cargo company, or when Northwest has so many people flying on a sunday from MSP, then we get to see them. We see DC-10's because FedEx flies two daily, besides the other cargo companies. After that, our airport (SJU) its just A319/20's, A300's, 727's, 737s, 757s, 767s all the time.

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