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Casinos In The Air

Wed Mar 17, 2004 3:51 am

As most of us know the A380 has been promising some space being used for other things than seats, like casinos, stores and such.

While most of us almost instinctively disregard this because of the less seats - less revenue maxim, isn't this still a possibility and couldn't it lead to even more revenue for certain airlines? I'm specifically thinking about Casinos because such operations are normally very profitable.

There are of course problems with this.
First: If gambling is prohibited in a country, is it also prohibited in it's airspace? If that is the case the thing would be restricted to flights through international airspace for extended times and over countries that allow gambling. So the possibility is still there and the matter is still up for discussion.
Second: Casinos are normally rather seedy operations and respected airlines might not want to have that as a part of their operations.
That might be solved by subcontracting the casinos and make them pay a considerable percentage of their income to the airline.
Third: Not many people gamble.
While that being true, a lot of people do gamble small amounts (a few $10s per session) and that adds up, and some people gamble on a large scale). The average holiday traveler would be in the former group while there are of course both business and first travelers that would have the capacity to spend rather more in the casinos.

What are your thoughts? Could it be done? Would it be profitable or would it just be easier to have the seats?

I'm suspecting that if, say, 50 Y-class seats were substituted for a casino the operation might be a gain on certain routes. People can lose tremendous amounts of money in casinos and the operating costs of one are certainly low in comparison.

Could it be that airlines could get loads of profit from gambling on board? Maybe we could then see lower ticket prices on the account of the people who spend at the casino.

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RE: Casinos In The Air

Wed Mar 17, 2004 3:54 am

Doesnt or didnt SQ offer this serivce with their entertainment system?