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Flight School In Santa Monica, CA

Thu Mar 18, 2004 6:33 am

I live near the Santa Monica airport and I would like to get my Private Pilot license. Can anyone recommend a school at the Santa Monica airport or neighboring airports? Things to consider are quality, costs, airport traffic, air traffic and others factors that I may not be aware of... I appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks!
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RE: Flight School In Santa Monica, CA

Thu Mar 18, 2004 6:36 am

American Flyers....I'm currently working on my CFI/CFII at the American Flyers at Hayward,CA. Its a fantastic and very professional company. They are on the south-east end of the airport if I'm not mistaken. Also try

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RE: Flight School In Santa Monica, CA

Thu Mar 18, 2004 7:07 am

I am working on my PPL at Santa Monica As well. I chose Justice Aviation, which is in the GA building at the SE side of the airport.

Justice different to American Flyers in the following ways-

Larger A/C fleet. (Several Cessnas and Pipers for training for a PPL during the weekends and for the busy summer months) American Flyers only has three Cessna 172's I believe. Also you can rent Justice' A/C once you have your PPL for personal use because you'll already be checked out there.

American Flyers is a FAA part 191 school while Justice remains a part 61. AF sells you their syllabus and training manual which you have to use as part of the part 191 training (which is nearly identical to 61). Justice allows you to use a Jeppesen or AOA syllabus.

Consistent instructors. At AF, you will rotate through several different instructors. That's good for scheduling because you don't have to worry about an instructor being available, but bad because you don't get consistent instruction.

Expense- Overall, AF will be a few dollars less than Justice because they don't pay their instructors unless they are instructing. They pass that savings on to you, while Justice pays their instructors an hourly rate to be there, besides their instructor time. Happier instructors = Happier students.

Checkride- American Flyers sends their PPL's over to Justice to fly with their Checkride pilot.

AF trains a lot of foreign visitors who are in town for a few weeks to hurry through through their PPL or Instrument rating. That's good for them b/c they can get quick training. It would distract me, as I want to take the time necessary to become a proficient pilot.

Let me know if you want to know some suggestions regarding the instructors at Justice.

don't get me wrong, American Flyers is a good school. I have reviewed their syllabus, and its pretty good. Also, everybody over there are very professional and courteous. I do believe however that Justice aviation is a better school for the above listed reasons.

PS- Justice will give you a very nicely priced discovery flight if you want to go over there and meet them. Let me know.
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RE: Flight School In Santa Monica, CA

Thu Mar 18, 2004 7:21 am


I am wondering if you could give me some pricing info, like what you are paying (if it's not confidential info). I spoke with AF and the cost they mentioned was more than I expected it to be (around $10,000). I just want to make an educated choice and stay within the budget. As far as the discovery flight is concerned, they said $149 or $199, depending on which one I choose. Anyway, let me know. Thanks again!