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MEA Weird Rotations Between CDG And BEY

Thu Mar 18, 2004 5:34 pm

I've always been wondering about the weird rotations ME and AF have between CDG and BEY. Following BA's post on AF's incomprehensible scAF flights leaving within one hour on CDG-BEY on Saturdays, I thought I'ld also post my ME scheduling question.

Currently, BEY-CDG is served (all flights are code-shared ME/AF)

ME 209 BEY 02:05 05:45 CDG 321
ME 211 BEY 08:05 11:45 CDG 332
AF 565 BEY 15:35 19:20 CDG 772

and CDG-BEY is served

AF 566 CDG 08:30 13:40 BEY 772
ME 210 CDG 10:25 15:45 BEY 321
ME 212 CDG 13:40 19:00 BEY 332

Now, that brings up two questions for me:

1) there is a significant "hole" in the schedule. Both cities lack a departure in the late afternoon/early evening, especially Paris. Impossible to get out of Paris after 13h40!! Aren't ME and AF missing on all those pax that would like to travel out of Paris at the end of a working day, even if that means getting late into BEY? But the same is true for BEY. Basically, if you want to go for the weekend, you lose a lot of time due to these strange timetables.

2) The rotation of the ME/AF planes is even funnier: the ME 321 touches down in Paris at 05h45, but then stays there until 10h25. In the meantime (!), at 08h30, AF sends out its 772. Why don't they swap it?? If ME's 321 did the 08h30 service and AF's 772 the 10h25, that would be much better:
- The ME 321 would not have so much ground time in CDG
- ME would get its plane back quicker, and could use to fly somewhere else after (when I last checked, ME was not exactly having too many planes, ie they could use that plane)
- AF would arrive in BEY later, but would also leave back to CDG about 2hrs later (around 17h30), giving BEY the late afternoon departure it currently doesn't have.

Any explanations? Or are these the same people that in summer schedule a 744 to BEY within 50 mins of the 772?
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RE: MEA Weird Rotations Between CDG And BEY

Thu Mar 18, 2004 11:28 pm

Both of MEA's flights are mainly destined to flights to North America & South America which depart in the morning & in the early afternoon.
I agree with you on the second point concerning the ME210 flight;if AF send their 777 instead it would help MEA spend less time in CDG & be utilized on other routes.Other than that I don't see anything wrong with the AF flight,most people I know heading to Paris take the AF flight in the afternoon.

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RE: MEA Weird Rotations Between CDG And BEY

Fri Mar 19, 2004 2:27 am

Last time I took the 777 to CDG the captain told us the same plane is operating to SaoPaolo after arrival to CDG.
The AF777 afternoon flight is useful for connections at CDG to South America/ South Africa/ Japan-Korea and the 777 is required to fly those routes. The BEY flight is good for AF as the 777 arriving from North America can operate to BEY before flying again the evening rotation to Asia/South America thus eliminating down Time in CDG and increasing utilisation.
As for MEA the A321 is not needed earlier in BEYas it operates normaly to JED/RUH/DMM around 1715 LT after arrival from CDG and thus has enough time to catch the evening Gulf wave at the BEY Hub. The plane operating ME209/210 then ME368/369 has one of the highest utilisation rates in the fleet.

Flying to GRU:

3H45MN connection at CDG. They could delay the flight 1 hour but not more

Flying to Shanghai:

3H45MN connection

Flying to Seoul:

B777 200
B747 400
2H20MN connection
Arrival could not delayed.
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RE: MEA Weird Rotations Between CDG And BEY

Fri Mar 19, 2004 8:57 am


that seems to make a lot of sense! Thanks for that great insight, I'll put you on my RU list.