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TWA / Gulfstream

Sat Jan 29, 2000 11:48 am

How is TWA and Gulfsream + Continental going on the SJU market?
Is there any new service coming soon, maybe from TWA to Europe (London) now that BA is pulling out?
Any comment on the flight service from SJU?
Any comment at all?
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RE: TWA / Gulfstream

Sat Jan 29, 2000 11:36 pm

TWA and it's TWC service with Gulfstream are reporting very good loads and higher than epected yields. The caribbean is turning out to be very friendly to TWA. New service was announced to the Dominican Republic and to the Bahamas. TWA is filing for additional service to Venezula (again) thru SJU as well as other markets.

The timing seems just about right as AA has upset a lot of the local caribbean market with the commision cuts resulting in a boycott of AA throughout the caribbean. While TWA, Air Jamaica, British Airways, LIAT, ALM, and BWIA have for the most part matched the commision drops the only airline to suffer the boycott is AA. AA is often loked at by caribbean locals as being a bit heavy handed and exploitive so as I said TWA is viewed highly.

Also look for STL-BDA service to commence as this was approved by Bermuda and US authorities.