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Holiday Flying

Sat Jan 29, 2000 6:42 pm

This holiday season i flew Delta/Comair on Dec,25 Christmas Eve, and Dec,31 New Years Eve. And i must admit they turned out to be the best flights i have ever been on. My day began with a 10:00 am flight on a Delta MD-11 from PDX to CVG. The aircraft was only about 1/6 capacity, and we all got bumped up to first class which in its self made it an exellent flight. After a truly splendid meal and free headphones (Deltas Christmas gift) they started the movie Inspector Gadget, and soon after the few of us on board were counting sheep. Upon being awakened by the inital decent briefing we began our approach to Cvg,and had a picture perfect landing. Once we reached the gate I went to the comair teminal and boarded our beautiful CRJ for the flight to Manchester,NH. Once again the flight was empty 11/50 seats filled. most of the ground crew had santa outfits on and it was a blast to see the kiddies faces. It was another exellent flight!!!! I wont bore you with family stuff rather just skip to the return flights. Now the return flights on the dreaded Y2K day Dec,31 the CRJ flight was rather full this time and the flight seemed to be alot longer,but none the less was smooth. apon arriving at Cvg I had time to spare and went to the bar for a beer and cigarette. I was sitting next to a couple of Delta MD-80 pilots whose flight had been bumped,and we soon started conversating. It was then that I found out,that when we were about 2/3 through our flight back to PDX that the clocks on all North American airliners would hit 12:00 PM. 5:00 min later i headed for my gate and Boarded my favorite airplane a 757 with a little concern but not much. well the time came, the captain got on the intercom and told us the airline New Year was one min away. Even above the sound of the engines you could hear the beating hearts of the passengers, the cappy began the countdown 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything was aok and a spontanious roar went up thru the cabin, followed by the sound of free yes free champaign (dont think i spelled that right). The rest of the flight was uneventful,but very smooth. I highley recomend Delta for the Holidays. THE END P.S any one else fly for the Holidays
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