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Need Fare Help

Tue Mar 23, 2004 6:22 am

first...yes, i am back...i have controlled my addiction! Big grin

Next...today is an exciting day for me! My camp in ATL has called to tell me that i am going to be going to ATL from June 13-19....

So, what i need from you guys is the following:
best airfare from FLL or MIA to ATL on June 9 (PM only), 10 (all day), 11 (AM),12 (EARLY AM)
and vica versa between June 19-22 all day (except PM on June 19)

Also, they want to bring me up on May 29-30... I'd need the earliest possible flight on the 29th and a LATE PM flight on the 30th....

Any airline is good and I am willing to make as many connections as possilbe to keep my costs down! It is for 1 person, btw

Thanks guys!