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AOM French Airlines

Wed Nov 04, 1998 4:53 pm

I know that AOM flies into Sydney and LAX. I was wondering how an all DC-10 airline could fly such long routes? (or maybe they fly larger types that I'm not aware of). Also, I'd like to know how Lauda Airlines can fly 767s all the way from Austria to Sydney?
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RE: AOM French Airlines

Wed Nov 04, 1998 5:08 pm

Lauda probly flys over the poles! Shorter. I heard that
AOM might be bought out by : Air France,Qantas,Air Pacific
we will see.
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Lauda Air

Wed Nov 04, 1998 8:00 pm

Lauda Air isnt flying a 767 to Australia.They are flying a 777 .They fly from Vienna to Kuala Lumpur and then to Sydney .

Please tell me i am incorrect .


RE: AOM French Airlines

Wed Nov 04, 1998 10:55 pm

It all happens through the miracle of technical stops where the plane is refueled. ;-) The AOM DC-10s going to LAX probably stop for fuel at Winnipeg or some place.
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RE: AOM French Airlines

Thu Nov 05, 1998 12:46 am

They operate DC-10s to Sydney by not operating the aircraft with a full load. They problem only have half the airplan full, or they make severa fuel stops on the way from their home base.
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RE: Lauda Air

Fri Nov 06, 1998 12:31 am

You are right. Lauda is flying a B777-200 from Vienna to Kuala Lumpur - Sydney - Melbourne.

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RE: Lauda Air

Fri Nov 06, 1998 12:42 am

Lauda Air is flying the VIE-KUL-SYD route with B777, not 767. They have just started another B777 route: VIE-MEX-CUN-VIE.
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RE: AOM French Airlines

Fri Nov 06, 1998 6:06 am

The AOM French Airlines long-haul network includes :
- Paris (ORY) / Los Angeles (LAX) / Papeete-Tahiti (PPT).
The Paris-Los Angeles route is a non-stop flight.
There are 3 weekly flights : IW901 (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday).
Return flights : IW902 (Wednesday, Saturday, Monday).

Paris-Los Angeles : 11h40 flying time.
Los Angeles-Papeete : 08h10 flying time.
Papeete-Los Angeles : 07h55 flying time.
Los Angeles-Paris : 10h40 flying time.

- Paris (ORY) / Colombo (CMB) / Sydney (SYD) / Noumea (NOU).
There are 2 weekly flights : IW923 (Wednesday, Sunday).
Return flights : IW924 (Friday, Tuesday).

Paris-Colombo : 09h55
Colombo-Sydney : 10h05
Sydney-Noumea : 02h40
Noumea-Sydney : 02h55
Sydney-Colombo : 10h40
Colombo-Paris : 11h00.

- The AOM French Airlines consists in :
+ 13 McDonnell Douglas DC.10-30 (range : 9950 km).
+ 11 McDonnell Douglas MD.83 (range : 4600 km).
+ 3 Boeing B.737-500 (range : 5400 km).
+ From the beginning of 1999, AOM French Airlines will receive
some Airbus A.340-200, as a replacement for the DC.10-30.

Thank you for your interest in AOM French Airlines.