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Dodgy Aircraft

Wed Mar 24, 2004 9:52 pm

What is the dodgiest aircraft you have ever seen flown on ??.

A couple of years back an e-mail arrived at work with photos of some small asian carriers 747, it had stopped in Germany en-route to the US for fuel, doing a quick turn round the engineer noticed a couple of cabin seat belts missing, on inspecting the engines he found the seatbelts from the cabin strapping a badly damaged front fan to prevent it mindmilling in flight, a boroscope was carried out on all 4 engines and the German authorities would'nt let the a/c fly until 3 of the engines were replaced !!.

Any similar horror stories.
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RE: Dodgy Aircraft

Thu Mar 25, 2004 1:36 am

I was stuck at Beijing airport for the better part of a day back in 1999, and I watched a Xinjiang Airlines Il-86 depart for Urumqi. While I'm sure it was airworthy on the most basic level (and evidently reached its destination without major incident), it had to be the dodgiest-looking thing I've seen operating a regularly scheduled commercial flight. Most of its Aeroflot-esque paint scheme had peeled away--it looked like it was ready to start dropping any number of parts, engines, etc. I snapped a few photos, although I don't think they're of the quality to be accepted on this site. Normally I jump at the chance to fly on an interesting plane and/or airline, but I would not have set foot on that thing if you paid me. In any event, I believe those Il-86s are now gone, as is that old terminal with its dry-erase arrival/departure boards.  Smile
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RE: Dodgy Aircraft

Thu Mar 25, 2004 1:38 am

A couple of years back an e-mail arrived at work with photos of some small asian carriers 747

IIRC, I received the same email claiming it was Korean Air. This is an urban legend.
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RE: Dodgy Aircraft

Thu Mar 25, 2004 1:47 am

The worst a/c I have been on lately was N171DZ.
The paint was peeling off all around the cockpit and the interior was really filthy.
Nothing too exciting. It just didn't look good.
I guess DL is cutting back on everything to try to survive.
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