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RE: VS On-board Bar

Sun Jan 30, 2000 10:32 pm

They aren't perhaps looking for a barman, are they? I have experience! 

Virgin Atlantic 747-400 G-VFAB "Lady Penelope"

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RE: VS On-board Bar

Mon Jan 31, 2000 4:26 am

Years ago, Continental Airlines installed lounges on some of their DC-10's. These lounges included not only a bar, but also a piano!

I seem to vaguely recall that during the abbreviated time PSA had their L-1011's, that there was a bar installed in one of the baggage holds.

Of course, in view of the search for increased revenues at that time, the lounges were soon removed for more seating (except the L-1011's). But nowadays, airlines are looking for the "upper hand" service-wise, and this is one way they're doing it.

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