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Any News On EK "new" Business Class

Tue Mar 30, 2004 3:04 am

A while ago there was some talk that Emirates will "soon" present their new business class product. So far all we have seen was the launch of the new business class on the A345 which looks quite superior to the product currently offered aboard their A330's and B777's.
When can we expect an improvement to more comfort in J class in the existing fleet? The 2-3-2 configuration in their 330's / 777's is really rather squeezed comapared to other carriers, especially in comparison to carriers who are like EK listed up there in the top ranks of the airline ratings (BA, SQ, CX). Any insider news? Thanks!
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RE: Any News On EK "new" Business Class

Tue Mar 30, 2004 3:37 am

EK is in the process of retrofitting it's First and Business Class cabins throughout its A330 and B777-200/300 fleet with bigger seat pitches.

The premium product found on its current A345 fleet, will unfortunately remain only on this aircraft as its slated to fly very long haul routes.

Retrofitting of the above aircrafts should be completed by autumn of this year.

The 'new' A340-300 aircraft leased from Boeing are ex-SQ planes, and will have their special configuration a-la-ex-SQ seats and will be not refurbished as such but rather be called 'premium J'. That's all the info I got from my last EK flight.