UA's Denve Baggage System

Fri Jan 08, 1999 6:46 am

Yes- belive it or not, United IS still working on their luggage system. As you all know, this little experemint of ours delayed the opening at DEN for a bout a week or so I belive. They claim that there new computer upgrade will help it work this time around. This WILL NOT affect any other airline but UA at Denver. This system claims that it can transfer baggage to other planes or the main terminal like 10 times faster, IF IT WORKS! Lets keep our fingers crossed. If this does work, then they may try and do this at there other HUGE hub, ORD. Happy 1999 all!
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RE: UA's Denve Baggage System

Fri Jan 08, 1999 7:35 am

I think DEN is cursed. Everytime I go there something is wrong or not working, elevators, mass transit, baggage, lights, PA, etc. I wish United luck! It will rpobably also affect AC, which uses United's gates in Bravo Term.
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RE: UA's Denve Baggage System

Fri Jan 08, 1999 8:36 am

One thing that we have to remember is that British Aerospace was the primary contractor on that system. They told the airline the amount of time that it would take to develop it so it would work properly. They where giving half of it. So I personally don't blame BAE it was the airport authority that did the contract that screwed it up.