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Active B737-100 List!

Mon Jan 31, 2000 6:36 pm

OK, I researched a while on this one but there still is a chance of errors so if there are any updates or mistakes please post them! There were 30 B737-100's built and we are down to only four flying examples now that America West got rid of the last one in the US. Here's what's left into the year 2000. (1) B737-112 Mexican Air Force / Built Oct. 1969 TP-03 (2) B737-112 Faucett Peru / Built July 1969 OB-1288 (3) B737-130 Aero Continente (Air Sweden) / Built Feb. 1968 P4-ASB (4) B737-130 Aero Continente (Air Sweden) / Built Dec. 1967 P4-ASA. Hope this helps. -Ryan

RE: Active B737-100 List!

Tue Feb 01, 2000 3:05 am

OB-1288 and P4-ASB are no longer in service - the former is in storage at Lima (LIM), while the latter is stored at Roswell, NM (ROW).

I very much doubt that either will see service again.
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RE: Active B737-100 List!

Tue Feb 01, 2000 3:17 am

This is somehow very saddening. Thanks for the list!

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