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Fri Jan 08, 1999 8:08 am

OK, we already talked about this subject. I know.
But I've got one more thing to say about ETOPS:
I understand that the 180 min rule means that you have to be within 180 min of a suitable airfield at anytime. I beleive that there is a 137 min ETOPS approval for overwater flights across the Atlantic, 120 min is acceptable but there is a small portion on the North Atlantic ocean that is not within two hours of Gander, Shannon, Reykjavik or the Azores. That is why a 137 min rule has been added so that any aircraft is said to be withing the range of a suitable airfield at any time anywhere during the oceanic crossing. Most airlines today get approval for 180min rules but 137min is just enough for North Atlantic operations.
If I say anything wrong or nonsense, please let me know. Don't hesitate to reply and tell me what you think.
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