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UA New Livery On ShuttleCraft?

Thu Apr 01, 2004 1:47 am

I didn't bother searching around for this topic since it occurred to me while I was writing a reply to another post. At TOL, XJ and PSA(Shuttle Craft) park relatively close to one another. PSA's aircraft newest paint job looked like the base for UA's new livery, minus the logo on the tail. Is UAExpress acquiring those Saabs from Shuttle America? It still had USEx reg numbers, so, any thoughts?

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RE: UA New Livery On ShuttleCraft?

Thu Apr 01, 2004 2:51 am

No, Shuttle America just recently signed a contract to offer service to UA as a UA Express airline. So the airplane you saw was probably in the process of being repainted to do the UA feed.
Here's a link to the press release talking about it:

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