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Flying Into State College

Fri Apr 02, 2004 2:48 am

Back in November i flew into SCE (for the IU-PSU football game) and when we were landing it was VERY windy. Seemed like the pilot was having a lot of trouble trying to keep the plane stable. I have loved flying since i was a kid and had never been nervous until that day. The flight was on a United Express J-41 turboprop. Is it usually windy like that? (btw..the pilot did an excellent job in landing!)  Smile
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RE: Flying Into State College

Fri Apr 02, 2004 9:38 am

Hey man, I hope you enjoyed your trip in the Happy Valley.

Yes, it can be windy here at times. I wouldn't really say that its any more windy than anywhere else in this part of the country. Whenever a front comes through it can be very windy. Same with a Nor-easter, reminents of a hurricane, or whatever. You just picked a windy day to come in. However the terrain in the area does have some effect on the winds. Being in the ridge and valley part of the state, the winds can be funneled up and down the ridgelines and can sometimes be more turbulent because of that, although it generally isn't that noticable. The main runway 6-24 runs Southwest to Northeast. 24 is the only runway that has ILS so, sometimes the crosswinds can be nasty, especially if its gusting out of the Northwest with ILS approaches.

Of course the winds and turbulence appears to be magified more on a prop than on a mainline jet. Its always fun to meet a flight full of people who are either green in the face or pale white because it was bumpin' on decent and approach. Those are the people that swear off turboprops. Rest assurred the pilots know what they are doing though.