SIA Really Should Replace Their A310's!

Tue Feb 01, 2000 3:56 pm

You know with the A310 in Kuching and fire false alarm stuff,they should change it with B777-100


RE: SIA Really Should Replace Their A310's!

Tue Feb 01, 2000 4:55 pm

B777-100?! There's no such production model as the 777-100! I believe you meant the B777-200.
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Why Not By The A330?

Wed Feb 02, 2000 1:09 am

SIA can't replace a 180-seater with a around 300-seater which the B777-200 is. And a B777-100 is not in sight any way.
Why not choose A330-200s? It offers not that much more capacity, and that difference can be neutalized by the A332's high economic performance. It can fly short haul as well as thin long hauls, and not a single pilot has to be trained a lot for it: As the A340s are going to leave, those pilots can change on the A330, maybe with a three-day training.
Not to forget the A330's high comfort level. I hope we see a SIA A332 soon.

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RE: SIA Really Should Replace Their A310's!

Wed Feb 02, 2000 1:48 am

Gundu: you are a difficult man! if you want to change an airplane just because there was a false alarm, you are being pretty demanding! Do you have an idea how many of these indidents happen in all sorts of planes....about the SQ choice for a replacement: I think Airbus will get it with their A330-100, the plane can be delivered by 2004 and the B777-100 is nowhere in the drawing board....

In Fact,Boeing Is Planning...

Wed Feb 02, 2000 2:55 pm

..on a 777-100 for SIA .80 pax