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DUO - Looking Good?

Sat Apr 03, 2004 2:19 am

I was in BHX yesterday flying back to BFS, and as I tend to do when I have loads of time to kill at airports, I took a wander into the Eurohub. I was checking out the Duo desks, and was surprised to see what seemed a truly classy act. Their sales and checkin desks looked very tastefully designed, especially compared to the VZ and charter areas in Terminal one. Also, I noticed a guy at the sales desk where a very nice suit. I say suit as it looked too nice to be a normal airline uniform - does anyone have any photos? Has anyone ever travelled with them, or have any other comments?
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RE: DUO - Looking Good?

Sat Apr 03, 2004 4:56 am

So far, Duo seem quite a classy operation. They fly CRJ-200 & 700 and are trying to go for the business market, whilst still keeping their prices relatively low. The aircraft are small and so there is an intimate feeling and they do focus heavily on customer service. Flown with them once so far EDI-OSL-EDI. They were due to announce 2 new routes from EDI this week, but so far heard nothing. They have already increased their routes from EDI since their introduction last year. My only concerns are that my flights were barely over a third full and they haven't really done much way of marketing to increase customer awareness.

Sorry, I don't have any photos.