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United Airlines DC-10

Tue Feb 01, 2000 10:59 pm

Does anyone know if United still uses the DC-10? I use to Fly on it from ORD to MCO in the Winter,then in September last year to LA I was on one. I know they are Old, but I was just wondering if UA still Uses them. Do they have more in Use that AA?

RE: United Airlines DC-10

Wed Feb 02, 2000 12:09 am

I talked to a United Mechanic at work last week and he said that most if not all DC-10's were retired in December. We use to have at least 2 a day in at Baltimore but they went to using the 767-300. Hope this helps.
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RE: United Airlines DC-10

Wed Feb 02, 2000 12:41 am

I believe that all DC-10-10's are due to be retired this year. UA still has 3 DC-10-30's for use on mainland-Hawaii flights, especially ORD-HNL, which will be kept on for the indefinite future.

RE: United Airlines DC-10

Wed Feb 02, 2000 4:52 am

To my knowledge...CPRJet is correct. We are keeping the D10-30's for HNL. Those are ships 3056, 3057, and 3058. Better known as N1856,57, and 58U. We still have a few D10-10's floating around here @ ORD. I've seen N1834U and 1836U quite a bit in the last few weeks. I think N1837U is gone, as I havent seen it for several weeks, and there is no routing for it in our computers at work. I am going to try to ride on one of these birds in the next couple weeks before they are gone forever. I rode N1836U a few weeks back from DEN-LAX.