Where Is Julia,AirChick757, Etc.

Wed Feb 02, 2000 4:54 am

Where are all the females on this forum? Are they all gone? And what ever happened to julia?


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Birds And Bees

Wed Feb 02, 2000 5:10 am

As it may or may not be a topic of discussion sooner or later, I suppose I'll tell you why I think there aren't naerly as many females as males on the forum. The biggest reason right now is the same reason that there are less female pilots than male, because aviation was started largely by men (and yes, I realize there were female contributors and leaders) and continues to be a largely masculine feild. This carries over in the way we communicate on line amongst ourselves, often using words and phraseology we don't realize is masculine in nature. We, of course, being the men who are here wondering where the women have gone. I wouldn't worry about it though, I'm sure there are plenty of aviation-interested women wandering the Earth and I'm sure that those who have an interest in airliners will, if they find this site, take the same interest in it that us big bold manly men have. Mayhap this will conjur up a response or two...
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RE: Where Is Julia,AirChick757, Etc.

Wed Feb 02, 2000 5:28 am

Come on, Reno_Air...

But since it is already posted, let me tell you. People either have time or don't have time to spend on a computer. Us teenagers do have a life outside the computer, at least most, I haven't been in the forum often lately either.

Also, Air_Chick_757 has posted many topics here before, & gotten little response to them.

Finally, she may be vacationing. Although it is always warm in Brazil, this is the summer season down there, so that people take vacations now. You might have noticed that topics on Latin America have almost dissapeared. That is because most people here from Brazil, Argentina (where it does get cold, so now is a good time to take a vacation), etc, are on vacation now, partying, whatever. I was out of the Forum for almost a week, & now Im back. The same will happen to the others. It is just that sometimes you have other things to do, I know, that sounds crazy to many aviation nuts out there, but that is the truth.
I hope this helps.

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RE: Where Is Julia,AirChick757, Etc.

Wed Feb 02, 2000 5:39 am

Ah woman. Can't live with them.....pass the beer nuts!
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Yah Baby, I´m Here! ;) :)

Wed Feb 02, 2000 6:07 am

Hey Reno
That was so sweet of you to ask about me....  )))
I spent 1 week at the beach (against my will, because I hate beach) and yesterday I broke up with my boyfriend, but I´m not sad... I´m happy! 
Now I will stay here and no more beach... and I will start posting again, I was missing everyone here to answer my dumb and female-ish questions  
I´ve been away from any kind of news of the outside world, such as aviation, but I heard yesterday about the Kenyan airways crash and the Alaska Airlines crash...
TP343 and Leo-ERJ have been e-mailing me and we discuss a lot of things, and they are the users that I most talk with... you guys should do the same     I would love to talk with some of you here  

Camille is the other girl here, but I think she´s gone!  

Well, talk to you later  

Kisses to everyone
Julie, Porto Alegre, Brazil

RE: Yah Baby, I´m Here! ;) :)

Wed Feb 02, 2000 6:16 am

Good to see youre back. In already missed your posts.


RE: Yah Baby, I´m Here! ;) :)

Wed Feb 02, 2000 6:16 am

Good to see your back.

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How Many Teens Are There In The Forum?

Wed Feb 02, 2000 1:26 pm

how many teens are there in the forum?