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Flights To Sri Lanka

Wed Feb 02, 2000 10:00 am

My dad told me he might go to Sri Lanka in July, but he´s not quite sure about that. He told me also that you have to wait 3 days @ ORY or LHR for available flights... I don´t know if it´s true...
Which airlines actually fly to Sri Lanka?
BTW, does Sri Lanka have a airline company??  

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Air Lanka

Wed Feb 02, 2000 11:20 am


Sri Lanka's flagship airline WAS called Air Lanka, but they now have changed it to Sri Lankan!!
Check this out,

There you will find all the destinations, etc.

BTW, (off topic),
How come your dad gets to FLY so much? (just curious, e-mail me if you don't want to tell here)

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RE: Air Lanka

Wed Feb 02, 2000 6:10 pm

Your Dad could get the daily Emirates flight to Dubai from LHR, LGW, or even MAN, and then connect to Emirates' service to Colombo, operated by either a 777, or an A300-600, daily.

Airlines flying to CMB are: Emirates, Gulf Air, Kuwait Airways, Saudi Arabian, LTU, AOM, Britannia, Monarch, Indian Airlines, Sri Lankan, Cathay Pacific, Thai, Korean Air Cargo, Armenian Airlines, Aeroflot, Eurofly, Qatar Airways, Balair and I am sure a few others.

We fly there often before catching a connection (on Emirates or SriLankan to Male, Maldives Is.

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Wed Feb 02, 2000 6:28 pm

I have done the Sri Lanka run using Emirates and would recommend it. Good service, equipment and I have always found them the cheapest. The wait in Dubai is normally no longer than 3hrs.
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RE: Flights To Sri Lanka

Wed Feb 02, 2000 6:38 pm

If i were ur dad i'd choosee Sri Lankan ( UL ) , I heard they really improved and they are tryiing to reach EK's standard + the airline's much more exotic and interesting

RE: Flights To Sri Lanka

Wed Feb 02, 2000 6:48 pm

I think AOM has daily flights to colombo from ORY.

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RE: Flights To Sri Lanka

Thu Feb 03, 2000 7:03 am

Sri Lankan have daily London/Colombo flights using the A340, and AOM flying just twice weekly to Colombo from Paris using the A340s. Also, there is a weekly service from Vienna using Austrian Airlines, and also from Sofia once a week on Balkan.
Another exotic way would be to fly on Air Maldives. they now have twice weekly A310s services from Manchester and Gatwick that fly to Male via Dubai . ANd then from Male there are several connections to colombo.