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Funny Stories

Wed Apr 07, 2004 7:29 am

When I was living in Edmonton AC was just introducing the BAE 146 on the flights between Edmonton City Center Airport and YCC. This market had been dominated by PWA and their "airbus" (737 200). AC put a big promotional campaign on all the local radio and TV stations about their new super quiet service. The inbound flights from YCC flew directly north above 109th St. As I am sure you can guess the 737 200s were quite loud as they flew up this corridor. Anyway a lot of people were quite startled when a shadow would pass over them, they would look up and there was this nearly silent bird flying over their heads. 109th was a very busy street at that time and when traffic was heavy you actually couldn't hear the plane at all over the traffic noise. I had a friend that was working for 630 CHED at the time answering phones. She would regale me with stories of the people who would call in right after a flight had gone over asking how many people had survived the crash! Many would not believe her that the plane had not crashed and it was really that quiet. The funniest part about it though was that she was still getting these calls a year after AC had started the service!

Anyone have something funny like this to share?
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