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After A Season Of A&Es Airline

Wed Apr 07, 2004 11:26 am

After A Season Of A&Es Airline I have come to a few conclusions.

In a world where we are to now be aware of each others behaviors and report any thing that may raise cause for suspicion it is alarming what people can get away with at the airport.

In this season of Airline on A&E we have seen drunks,more drunks,people who are belligerent,and people who are just plain difficult and are trying to various degrees trying to connive. In these days of heighten security at the airport I am very surprised that people can get away with there threatening attitudes.
Take for instants the lady on last night episode(4/5) who failed to appreciate/comprehend the reason for her only getting one special boarding pass her only response for the most part was to threaten SWA with a law suit if her kids were lost.

Look at all the drunks we least 15 on my count,they were very miffed when SWA was denying them boarding PRIVLAGES in their drunken state but they to failed to realize that SWA was extending them a opportunity to fly when they were sober even it it was the next day.....ohhh did I mention that they were not going to charge them a penalty???

I wish the Airline industry would get together as a whole and adopt a passenger code of conduct. I think with the fact that the airlines are for the most part giving away their seats it may be time for such a measure. Passengers Expect to much. Passengers don't read the fine print in the ADS or in their frequent flyer introduction kits...They squabble over 5 minutes and $5.00.....they have forgotten about the value that air travel has over driving or taking a bus.....they don't understand the economics of flight and don't really is a give me give me world.......They believe the BAD weather in ORD is somehow planned by airline WX planners just to throw a wrench into their vacation or biz trip. They also don't think of safety either.

I wonder if passengers had to as part of their agreement of passage had to agree to be a little more appreciative if perhaps things at the airport would be better.

Just some thoughts

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RE: After A Season Of A&Es Airline

Wed Apr 07, 2004 4:43 pm

Welcome to my respected users list!
As a Customer Service Agent in PHX, I have seen passengers get ticked at things that we have no control over.
Also, you're forgetting the passengers who believe that the plane at the gate doesn't leave until they are aboard.
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RE: After A Season Of A&Es Airline

Wed Apr 07, 2004 5:07 pm

And after seeing all of that in Season One, I look forward to Season Two. I get a sick pleasure out of watching those CSAs take charge and stay in control. I can not wait to fly those things!!