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MU, Big In Hong Kong

Sat Apr 10, 2004 11:55 am

Aircraft I saw on April 9th (This includes extra flights for the Easter holiday)

MD-90 = B-2256, B-2262, B-2265, B-2268,

A319 = B-2216, B-2217, B-2222, B-2226, B-2227,

A320 = B-2208, B-2209, B-2220, B-2229, B-2335, B-2338, B-2358, B-2399, B-2400, B-6001, B-6002, B-6003, B-6006

A300 = B-2307, B-2320, B-2321, B-2326

737-300 = B-2978

737-700 = B-2685

A340-300 = B-2381

MD-11F = B-2173

Also note many of the A319's, A320's and MD-90's operated more than once. Sometimes you have to wonder if you are in Hong Kong or Shanghai  Nuts

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