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Ansett B747-400's.

Sat Jan 09, 1999 4:48 pm

G'day All.
While l was out on the yatch today, l was told that Ansett is expected to announce within the next four weeks that they will be acquiring a No of B747-400's to use in the Asia/Pacific region. l'm not too sure as to the strength of this news ;-) but it's something for all of us to keep our ears to the ground...
See yah in LAX...
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Boeing Orders Coming

Sat Jan 09, 1999 8:13 pm

Boeing is expecting some huge orders in the few coming months. There is a rumor going around the Boeing Co. in Seattle that same lay-offs might be saved because there are some airlines expecting to give some new big orders...We will see.

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RE: Ansett B747-400's.

Mon Jan 11, 1999 8:34 pm

News to us this is something very new will have to place the feelers out we have just sent back VH-INK because of no work so why would they want B747-400 because of the asian crisis why would they want bigger aircraft.