Awful Interviews

Thu Feb 03, 2000 6:24 pm

Does anyone have any horror stories about interviews for airlines?

I've heard that United used to ask the most off the wall questions, and then try to drive you into snapping...

such as "whats your favorite ice cream flavor" or "if you and the captain got laid over somewhere, then later that nite in the hotel bar the captain was wearing a dress, what would you do?"
any others?
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RE: Awful Interviews

Fri Feb 04, 2000 4:27 am

This would have to be with two seperate arilines that I had interviews.

First interview was with Triton Airlines that was going to be starting up and having a base in St. John's NF. The interviewers were not the two brightest people that I have met. I was asked all sorts of questions on why I wanted to be a Flight Attendant with this certain airline and what I could contribute. That wasn't so bad. Then It was my turn to ask some questions. Well I asked what type of Aircraft the airline was going to start flying with. They Never had a clue, Funny thing I did!! it was going to start with B-737-300 series aircraft and then the airline was planning on moving on to some larger aircraft. I was wondering to my self why these people were doing the interview and never could answer some of my questions. But the funny thing that I knew the answer to most of these questions before I asked them and I just wanted to make sure that I had the right info. It is too bad that that airline never started up I think that it would have been reminisient of the old WARD AIR. It was going to be a non scheduled airline and have an awaome first class service!!

Next was the Air Canada interview that I had. My Cousin and myself weent to the open house interviews two years ago this month. well I am totally fluent in french and so is my cousin. She is a little better at speaking the language than my self. Well As soon as I sat down they started to speak french right from the start!! I was totally caught off guard and I couldn;'t get into the swing of things!! I was not to impressed. So my interview was over and I was waiting for my cousin and she came out and said it was a really good interview. I told her what had happened with me and she just laughed and told me that she had not one question asked to her in french!! I was totally pissed!!

I guess that this is enough for now and I hope that some other people have had better luck with the interviewing processes than I hve!!

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