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Quick Question About ATC. In Spain...

Tue Apr 13, 2004 10:28 pm

Hi everyone

Im probably going to get flamed for posting this in the wrong forum or something, but I´ve got a quick question that someone might be able to help with. I´m coming home from Spain today, I´m flying with Ryanair from Reus to Stansted. At the moment I´m in Salou, which isn´t far from Reus airport. So far I´ve been unable to pick up anything on my scanner, apart from a bit of interference. Which brings me to my question... I´ve had a search around on Google but have been unable to find any ATC frequencies for the Reus/Barcelona area... does anyone know any? Or know any web sites where I might be able to find them?

Thank you to anyone who is able to help

(P.S. sorry for any grammatical errors here, I can´t get used to these Spanish keyboards! Big grin)
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