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Paris airshow..

Sat Jan 09, 1999 9:44 pm

G'day All.
ls anyone here on the forum planning on going to this years Paris airshow. lf anyone is planning on going we should have a airliners.net get together, and report the show to the rest..
See yah..
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RE: Paris airshow..

Sat Jan 09, 1999 9:59 pm

Hi Will,

I'm going to plan my vacations to mid June. I'm not sure but maybe I go there. Talk to you later.

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RE: Paris airshow..

Sun Jan 10, 1999 1:52 am

I tried my hardest this year to make it, and I did get my IAD-Heatrow, but I only get 5 hours a day there. So if i can make it, i'll try. Maybe they'll cancl a flight?! If they do, then I'll be stuck there till 4pm the next day, so then I can make it! Have fun though!