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Airline Popup Ads?

Wed Apr 14, 2004 3:02 pm

Hey all,

Just kinda curious about this, but I wonder if a few of you do the same thing.

Everyone hates popups...but if you notice that it's a popup from an AIRLINE, are you more forgiving of it, enough in fact, that you let it fully load and actually take a look at it? Big grin

You must be an aviation freak when you answer: Yes. And I do.

I get bazillions of popups everywhere I go online these days and as long as I run ad-aware once a week I'm good with keeping my comp free of spyware. Usually, they never get to even load before they're closed. But when it's an airline ad, well, alright, it can load. Even clicked on 'em a few times.

So, are you such an aviation nut that you'll not only let an airline popup completely load, but actually click on it? Big grin

Just thought this might be kinda humorous to share.

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