Loran Question

Fri Feb 04, 2000 9:47 am

It mentioned in the FAR/AIM that the 'US plans to terminate LORAN-Corporations on December 31, 2000'; does that mean that the system will be not available anymore after this year? I realize that the LORAN is very much out-dated, but it still works fairly well (if you can find an airplane with such equipment on board!!!) with the few exceptions of some stations being out of service.
Is the usage of GPS equipment in such an advanced stage already that we have to think about eliminating older methods? And what is next? NDB stations? Maybe VORs???
Probably not for a while...

Thanks for your input!


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RE: Loran Question

Fri Feb 04, 2000 10:13 am

If they do terminate it, and I think they're going to, you'll never be able to use LORAN again. I've also heard that they will be gradually phasing out all modes of navigation aside from GPS with is the MOTHER of all BIG MISTAKES in my book. GPS is not the answer to all our navigation needs. What happens when something fails? No backup. When they introduced VORs, they did not dismantle NDBs, LORAN did not displace VORs, GPS should not push away all other forms of navigation. Besides, a VOR receiver is cheaper and easier to use than GPS.
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