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747-406Ms (Sabena) Strange Humps

Fri Feb 04, 2000 1:30 pm

I have downloaded for my flight simulator (no, this doesn't belong in that forum) a 747-406M Sabena - the strange thing: It has a 400's hump, long and straight (that doesn't sound right...) but with less windows and only the small door towards the front. Is this plane real?!
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RE: 747-406Ms (Sabena) Strange Humps

Fri Feb 04, 2000 9:37 pm

hi there,

Sorry but this aircraft is purely fictitious...SABENA had never
and probably won't never have B747-400's in their fleet  ...they
have sold their entire B747-300 fleet a few months ago and they
plan to have a 100% Airbus fleet in the future.