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Emirates 1st Class On The A330

Thu Apr 15, 2004 11:21 pm

Hi everyone.

This is my first post on this wonderful website. I did a search and found no previous posts on this subject. Next Saturday (24th) my mum and I will be flying DEL-DXB on Emirates first class. I'm really exited about the flight as it is my first time in first class, first time flying Emirates AND first time flying an A330. Can someone please tell me the following...

  • What are the first class seats like on the A330-200?

  • What is the service like on Emirates in first class?

  • What meals would we receive at 10am? And 4am?

  • What entertainment options are on the A330 (video on demand? Cycle system?)

  • What is the first class lounge like in Dubai? And what is the airport itself like?

    I think that's all I need to know for now

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