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BA Eating Utensils

Sun Apr 18, 2004 1:56 pm

Can anybody tell me if BA is still using plastic eating utensils for their JFK-LHR flights? Looking at airlinemeals.com and the pictures for BA do not really show the forks and knifes used. I am talking about all traveling classes. Even if the pictures have the eating utensils, they are in white plastic.
I was able to get two sets of metal utensils on my flights to London before 9-11, and the color of the eating utensils are just happened to be blue, my 4 year old nephews' favorite color, he always asking me if he can use the "spoon I got from the airplane" when he eats and that is how we get him to eat anything on his plate!
Planning to go to London again this summer and I would like to know if I could get more airline logo eating utensils now? Many of the flights I took post 9-11 used plastic and have no meanings at all.
Also, any airlines using "green" color utensils with the company's logo on it? Green is my 3 years old nephew's favorite color....
Can I buy them anywhere?

Thank you in advance!


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