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Canadi<n's 747-400s And 767-300s.

Sat Feb 05, 2000 7:47 am

What will happen to CP's 747s and 767s when the Air Canada merger takes place. They are non-compatable with AC's GE powered birds. Will Canadian just continue to operate them anyway? It seems to me that AC uses their 747-400s on European runs while CP uses their 747-400s on Pacific runs.
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RE: Canadi<n's 747-400s And 767-300s.

Sat Feb 05, 2000 9:13 am

Both of these types of aircraft will stay with CP now that AC has them. Although they use GE engines unlike AC's P&W's, and AC has 747-400M (combi) aircraft, AC will need all the modern widebodies its got, plus some more, in order to undergo its planned expansion of international routes.
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RE: Canadi<n's 747-400s And 767-300s.

Sun Feb 06, 2000 3:41 am

Air Canada will probably not get rid of the CP 744's. It would be absolutely stupid if they did so. The 744's are used for the YVR-TPE and YVR-HKG routes, which are absolute gold mines for both carriers. With Vancouver's huge Chinese population, they need as big an aircraft as possible to satisfy the demand for those routes. Anything smaller than the 744 just won't cut it.

RE: Canadi<n's 747-400s And 767-300s.

Sun Feb 06, 2000 5:33 am

I see you're back, Louis! I agree with you about AC keeping the 747-400s. Greater Vancouver does have a huge Chinese population, especially in Richmond, so I seriously doubt that AC would try to get rid of the 744s.
Especially now that China, Japan and other Asian countries are recovering from the Asian Flu.
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RE: Canadi<n's 747-400s And 767-300s.

Sun Feb 06, 2000 9:08 am

The 767's are staying too. Air Canada is also looking at getting some more 767-300's for some of the new routes that they are planning. The company says that they are the perfect airplane for the job, because of the combination of their size and range, the only other plane that comes close is the 330-200 and this is also a possibility, but we will just have to see......

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