Black Boxes

Sat Feb 05, 2000 5:51 pm

Could someone please refresh my memory as to why the black boxes are kept in water after they are salvaged from the ocean? I remember learning this before, but I can't for the life of me think of what the answer was. Thanks.
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RE: Black Boxes

Sat Feb 05, 2000 6:04 pm

Has to do with keeping them in the same enviroment as they were. If the plane crashed on a runway, or concrete, they would be just stuck in a thermos cooler, and flown to DC.

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RE: Black Boxes

Sat Feb 05, 2000 6:08 pm

To prevent further damage to the contents.

Recovery teams attempt to keep the recorders in the same condition as found until delivered to NTSB lab. The lab has both equipment and knowledge on how to access the contents with minimum loss of data no matter what the condition the boxes were delivered in.

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Color Blindness

Sat Feb 05, 2000 6:29 pm

Since the recorders are in fact ORANGE and not black this may mean that you are color blind and may have trouble passing you FAA medical. Even if they are kept in salt water they will not turn black for some time. Just thought you should know!
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RE: Black Boxes

Sun Feb 06, 2000 4:34 am

For the same reason if you drop your camera overboard, you should not take it out of the salt water, dry it off then take it in to be fixed.

Once the dried off camera gets exposed to the air, outside of the saline environment, it will corrode at an accelerated rate.

Keeping the data recorders in the water in which they were found prevents them from exposure to air which will damage them very quickly.

Hope that helps.

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RE: Black Boxes

Sun Feb 06, 2000 6:02 am


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