Field Of Vision

Sat Feb 05, 2000 11:53 pm

A question for anyone with firm knowledge of the eyesight requirements for both airliner and private pilots. I found out this week that I do not have a full field of vision in my right eye - I don't have the top left quarter, but the reason I have not noticed is because my left eye - which is 100% - makes up for it. Do the medicals for PPL and ATPL both require full field in both eyes or is it sufficient to have full using both?


RE: Field Of Vision

Sun Feb 06, 2000 1:45 am

Well if your eyesite is 20/20 then you do not have to much to worry about. When I went for my 1st class medical they just moved the pen left and right but not up and down. Also you can probably get this wavied if it is a problem I would not think it is to big of a deal.