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Spotting CCS

Wed Apr 21, 2004 2:41 pm

I will be flying into CCS this 23rd..

Does anybody can recommend me about where to go.

Any serious commentary will be greatly appreciated.
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RE: Spotting CCS

Wed Apr 21, 2004 3:20 pm

I was in 2000 at CCS and they have/had an observation desk at both the international and the domestic terminal. However this was pre-9/11 thus it may be closed.
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RE: Spotting CCS

Wed Apr 21, 2004 9:11 pm

The observation deck at the international terminal has been closed for the last couple of years. A real shame as it was a fantastic place for relaxing and watching the a/c movements. I don't know about the terrace at the domestic terminal, but I get the feeling it's closed as well.

Does anyone know if a new observation deck is planned once the renovation works has finished?
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