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US Shuttle 737-300s!

Sun Feb 06, 2000 3:03 am

When did US Airways add 737s to the Shuttle operation and how many are being used?

I just flew from DCA to PHL yesterday and, as we taxied past the end of the terminal (the shuttle gates), I was surprised to see that two of the three airplanes in Shuttle livery were 737-300s with one A320 in shuttle livery beside them. I did not know they were using these on the shuttle routes.

In the rush to get the 727s off the shuttle routes (to save fuel and reduce the crew count from 3 to 2), did US Airways substitute the 737s until all needed the A320s are in service?

It also would be interesting to know how many shuttle passengers board one of these newly painted 737s thinking it is an A320.
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RE: US Shuttle 737-300s!

Sun Feb 06, 2000 3:22 am

The 733s are going directly to Boston from National. The US Shuttle service has been extended to include BOS-DCA, BOS-IAD, and IAD-LGA. The BOS-DCA and BOS-IAD services are currently conducted with 733s, although 4 a day will be replaced by CRJs this spring, and I'm sure they will eventually be replaced by 319s in the coming years. IAD-LGA is currently serviced by DC9, and in the spring, they will be replaced by CRJs as well.

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