Avro RJX

Sun Feb 06, 2000 6:31 am

Have any of you heard of the Avro RJX? If you have tell me what you know about it.


RE: Avro RJX

Sun Feb 06, 2000 6:43 am

Have a look at this site:

This'll tell you everything about the new RJX family.
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RE: Avro RJX

Mon Feb 07, 2000 4:01 am

The Avro RJ-X is basically the old BAe146/Avro RJ design. The RJ-X will mainly have new engines, the Allied Signal AS900 if I´m right which did its maiden flight some days ago. Second the fuselage will be lighter, more composite parts will be added instead of metal. All in all BAe promises a cost reduction compared to the current RJ70/85/100 of about 15%. So far only Eurowings has expressed interested in this type, for 6 frames. Other possibly interested airlines are Aer Lingus, British Regional and City Flyer Express.

I doubt that the RJ-X will be ever launched as there are cheaper planes in the same category, the 728JET/ERJ-170 and the CRJ700.

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