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Eastern European Airlines In The Future

Sun Feb 06, 2000 10:14 am

Does anyon have any idea what any of the airlines in Ukraine are planning to do in the future. Air Ukraine has an all Russian and Ukrainian built fleet and they serve Africa Asia, eastern europe and Toronto. Ukraine international has an all boeing fleet but they only serve western europe.

Does anyone have any guess as to what any of these airlines will be doing in the future in terms of routs and fleet plans.....
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RE: Eastern European Airlines In The Future

Sun Feb 06, 2000 10:51 am

Would that be some kind of alliance based on common fleet types, repair, ticketing, catering and other services -- or you're implying all new stand alone airline?

Looking at the commercial airline sceene in former Soviet Union where you have literally thousands of airlines (Kazakstan itself according to February edition of "Airways" lists 24) one can not help but think of dawn of comercial transport in early 50s on the west, or 80s deregulation in USA.

Eventually they will have to come around and go thru mergers and alliances.

Would you like to fly on Zhezair (KZH) on one of their two YAK-40s, Nizhnekamsk Air Enterprise (they fly AN24 and YAK42s, no problem just pick the one you want), Vostok (VTK) on their Let 410 or perhaps you'd prefer first class in Zenit (EZT) on their elegant IL76?

Now, Pulkovo Airlines, Aeroflot Intl, and Air Ukraine look good again. Sharing codes, mechanics and operating procedures might make some sense.