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Emirates In 2020

Sat Apr 24, 2004 5:20 pm

According to Zaphod this is the fleet status of Emirates:

Airbus Fleet (Ordered) (Delivered) (To Come) (In Service) (ETA)
A330-200 (29) (29) (00) (29)
A340-300 (08) (06) (02) (01) All by May 04
A340-500 (08) (04) (04) (04) All by Dec 04
A340-600HGW (20) (00) (20) (00) From Jun 07
A380-800 (45) (00) (45) (00) From Oct 06
A310-300 (00) (01) (00) (01)

Boeing Fleet
B777-200 (09) (09) (00) (09)
B777-300 (12) (12) (00) (12)
B777-300ER (26) (00) (26) (00) From Mar 05
B747-400F (00) (03) (00) (03)
B747-200F (00) (02) (00) (02)
Total (--) (66) (97) (61)
Massive expansion!!!!

If my calculations were correct, then Emirates' fleet will consist of 168 planes. They will probably retire the A310 and some other planes by then, but where do you think Emirates will utilize this massive fleet and on which routes? Do you think Emirates will order the 7E7 to fly into smaller African cities?

Thanks for the replies!

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RE: Emirates In 2020

Sat Apr 24, 2004 5:35 pm

Everything could happen in 16 years, nobody can tell anything.
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RE: Emirates In 2020

Sat Apr 24, 2004 6:34 pm

100% if all goes to plan with the B 7E7, you will see dozens of them in EKs fleet by 2020 as the main replacement for their A 332 fleet which I bet will be starting to get phased out gradually from 2010-11 onwards.
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RE: Emirates In 2020

Sat Apr 24, 2004 10:02 pm

I agree; I see the 7E7 as the natural successor to EK's 332s. I believe the smallest aircraft in EK's fleet is, in a way, the most important. EK needs an aircraft that can not only fly long haul services, but can also access new markets profitably. Of course the 332 is a phenomenally good aircraft and deservedly successful, but the 7E7 should incorporate new design philisophies and moreover, offer significant fuel savings over the aircraft it replaces.

As I've said on a previous thread on this subject, EK operates what might loosely be called a "promotion" system, i.e. routes start with the smallest type, then move on to larger types, then higher frequencies and so on. Unlike other carriers, which are happy to let routes toddle along at 3-4 wkly flights for years, EK has no time for this and it has the marketing prowess to drive the aggressive growth it needs. With a shopping list this size, you can see it has an incentive!

Another factor I think is often overlooked is the ease with which can adjust frequencies. I don't have the figures to hand, but many of EK's aircraft are pretty close in capacity, so this allows EK to move from (for example) a two class A332 (285 seats) to a three class (303 seats) and match the capacity on the route to the projected demand more accurately.

As I've said before, lots of people underestimate EK, but I think this is a big mistake. Yes, lots of things can happen in the future, but for the better as well as for the worst. Let's remember that EK's growth has occurred despite two gulf wars and in a region where political turmoil is never too far away. Thankfully, the UAE is quite stable, but as the Mid East generally becomes more stable, things can only improve for EK.

However, I wonder what impact Etihad may have on them.

And I wonder when they're going to start flying to Dublin. (Oh, come on, hurry up!)
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RE: Emirates In 2020

Sat Apr 24, 2004 11:23 pm

A330/777 capacity breakdown for info:

Low density A330s : F18, J42, Y183 = 243
High density A330s : J34, Y251 = 285
Low density 777-200s : F18, J49, Y236 =303
High density 777-200s : J49 Y304 =353
Low density 777-300s : F18, J42, Y320 = 380
High density 777-300s : J49, Y385 = 434

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RE: Emirates In 2020

Sun Apr 25, 2004 8:24 am

I'm wondering why there are only 8 x A340-500's on order. Is it because they're assuming that the A340-600IGW (whether or not this exists is another question altogether) will meet performance targets of A340-500 range? Are the -600IGW orders coupled with an option for -500's if the -600IGW doesn't meet performance targets?

EK 345's are configured 12F 42J 204Y, at 258 pax and some markets like SYD that were filling up low-density B777-300's before the arrival of the A340-500 are being underserved, not helped of course by the intransigence of the Australian govt to not allow extra slots until recently. EK could easily fill double daily A345's to DXB, most of which will be pax going to Europe and Africa.
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