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Rate Of Descent At Touchdown

Sun Feb 06, 2000 2:26 pm

Just curious since I'm sitting here flying FSIM 98 instead of going to bed. I'd thought I'd ask the big question all of us ask at one time or another in life: What is an average rate of descent, in fpm, of an airliner at touchdown? What rate would be considered a smooth landing? What would be the upper limit for a normal landing? What rate would likely lead to bouncing and/or damage?
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RE: Rate Of Descent At Touchdown

Sun Feb 06, 2000 2:32 pm

I've ofter wondered this myself. I asked an ATP friend of mine this question and he said he was never looking at the VSI during touch down. That didn't help me any but maybe someone here can...
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RE: Rate Of Descent At Touchdown

Sun Feb 06, 2000 4:00 pm

During approach can be 500 ft p/min
During the short short final 200 ft/min
flare and touchdown 50 ft/min
hopefully 0 ft/min after that LOL

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