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Black Aircraft Nose

Sun Feb 06, 2000 4:18 pm

One thing I've always wondered is why some airlines paint the nose of the a/c below the windscreen black. Is there any special reason or just for aesthetic purposes?

Here is a good example:

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Doug Bull

Air Canada hasn't had that paint scheme for probably 20 years. I think LOT does though.


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RE: Black Aircraft Nose

Sun Feb 06, 2000 4:31 pm

The black nose area originally came about to stop glare from the sun being reflected into the cockpit. I don't think it is actually necessary on a B747 as the nose slopes steeply away, however Air Canada in the colour scheme depicted probably used the black paint to give the same 'look' as the rest of the fleet. This scheme appeared on AC's Viscount, Vanguard, DC-9 and B727 fleet and on most of those types some form of anti glare colouring would have been required. On the currently trendy "all white" fuselage paint schemes you will notice on close observation that the area below and forward of the cockpit windows is painted matt white, so it is less reflective of sunlight.

RE: Black Aircraft Nose

Sun Feb 06, 2000 4:34 pm

The black area under the windscreens that you're talking about, was to help cut down on the sunlight glare in bright and sunny conditions for the pilots. I do remember seeing that kind of thing on older AC a/c, usually 747s. I'm not sure which airline still use that today, but I do know that the Soviet-built Tupolev Tu-144 supersonic airliner did have the same thing just below its windscreen.
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RE: Black Aircraft Nose

Sun Feb 06, 2000 7:55 pm

I think that Malaisya Airlines has still got this black painting under the cockpit on their A330s !
I think it looks actually very unmodern and somehow ugly... It reminds me of past times !
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RE: Black Aircraft Nose

Mon Feb 07, 2000 3:45 am

One airline that seems to overdo the black nose thing is Malev. The entire nose section is black...plain ugly! It sure is a tossup on who has the better paint job. Malev or Indian Airlines?

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