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Routes Needing An Increase In Capacity

Thu Apr 29, 2004 9:11 pm

Following on from cities that need new services, It got me thinking there are some services that need a desperate increase in capacity and I do not just mean seasonally but all year around.

As a corporate travel agent, I am frequently annoyed at the lack of capacity in J and Y class between SYD and LAX on a year round basis especially MAY to AUGUST and DECEMBER to JANAURY

Lately it is hard to get seats at short notice even within several weeks on some occasions. The capacity of Qantas with some 14300 seats a week and United some 5300 seats a week does very little.

The decision on Fridays and Sundays for Qantas to fly the route 4 times a day does little to improve the situation either.

I am just wondering if there is any other select routes that are experiencing the same problems.

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RE: Routes Needing An Increase In Capacity

Thu Apr 29, 2004 10:07 pm

London - Kuala Lumpur in my opinion is similarly annoying to book tickets on. As a frequent flyer on the route, MAS flights are often full to the brim. This is despite flying double/thrice daily 747s out of LHR and 4 times a week out of Manchester.

Even as KLM and MAS flights out of Amsterdam continue to cope with this overspill from secondary UK airport departure points - it surprises me that UK and Australian carriers still continue to plug Singapore as an alternative! Its like trying to convince people in Victoria or Queensland that an airline serves them albeit by flying into Sydney...
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RE: Routes Needing An Increase In Capacity

Thu Apr 29, 2004 10:14 pm

I would also like to see Manchester - Kuala Lumpur to be upgraded to at least daily flights. Earlier, their 777 services were upgraded to 744, so I guess it's now the time to further increase the frequency. I believe obtaining a slot in MAN would be a lot less headache than in LHR.

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