328JET Vs Emb 135

Mon Feb 07, 2000 2:52 pm

this is quite an interesting topic for me. I think although they have different carachteristics they are competitors. So which one would you choose?

I would go for the 328JET i think because I like the high-wing construction. But the 135 is a very nice aircraft too.
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RE: 328JET Vs Emb 135

Tue Feb 08, 2000 2:41 am

both are nice but the 328 is much slower (360 kts) or something like that and not as much range as the 135, but both will fill small niches very well.328 has more pax comfort in cabin..both will have 44 seat stretches coming down the pike and both manufacturers said they wished that had started out with the larger sizes.
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RE: 328JET Vs Emb 135

Tue Feb 08, 2000 4:07 am

The 328JET isn´t this much slower. The cruise speed is lower, yes, but the climb rate is said to be excellent so that they can get on the cruise altitude fast. A thing Fairchild Aerospace features on the 328JET are its very short block times. It is clear that the 328JET can´t be as fast as the ERJ-135 because of the wing design.

To see both jets from the view of a passenger I can only say something to the 328 turboprop. I did a flight on a PSA frame from Raleigh to Pittsburgh and it was one of the most comfortable flights I ever had. On an air show I did a "test seating" on a ERJ-145 and didn´t feel very confortable.

To see both planes from the customer site I think the 328JET seems to lead although it hasn´t sold as many times as the ERJ-135 did, 95 compared to 141. But 120 orders for the ERJ-135 come from 3 big airlines while 19 customers are announced for the 328JET with more to follow soon. Hope you got some bits of information. For some more on the 328/328JET, last year I did a feature on this plane which you can find on my site under the menue "feature".

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