Airbus & Boeing Standards

Tue Feb 08, 2000 9:09 am

Hey all you Airbus and Boeing fans!  
Based on your experiances in both Boeing and Airbus, which standards from each manufacturer do you prefer? I know it kinda depends on the airline, so tell me what airline it was. I hear Airbus has the most comfortable seats in the industry, but I imagine Boeing has some pretty comfortable ones too. On your flight(s), were there PTVs? How comfortable was it? How could it have been improved? What I want to know is what YOU, the flyer, prefers. Wide, comfrtable seats and huge seat pitch? Or can you do fine with a 17" wide seat and 31" seat pitch? For me, the only aircraft I've ever been on was a 763, and it was roomy enough.  

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RE: Airbus & Boeing Standards

Tue Feb 08, 2000 9:18 am

Every airline is free to choose interior components from different manufacturers.

This has nothing to do with Airbus or Boeing but whatever seats and interior appointments the carrier chooses.
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RE: Airbus & Boeing Standards

Tue Feb 08, 2000 9:21 am

I tend to agree that the usual widebody configuration, in coach, onboard an airbus (2-4-2) is generally more comfortable than any widebody configuration in Boeing's widebodies (by this i mean a 767 with 2-3-2, or a 777 with 3-3-3/2-5-2 or a 747 with 3-4-3). . I also feel that the 3x3 seating on the 320/321 is a bit more more comfortable than the Boeing's 3x3 on its narow bodies ... Just my thoughts though.
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RE: Airbus & Boeing Standards

Tue Feb 08, 2000 9:31 am

Frankly, I find the A319/A320 WAY better than the 737-200s! And a bit better than 737-300s and -400s. Mainly because the seats are better, but also that the A319/A320 is quieter.

I've been in in 747-200s and -400s.(the -400s beat the 200s by a long shot.) But the only Airbus widebody I've flown in was an A300B4 on AF from LHR-CDG and back. The seats were OK, but the A300B4 is an older a/c, so I can't really make any unfounded comparisons regarding newer Boeing and Airbus a/c.
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RE: Airbus & Boeing Standards

Wed Feb 09, 2000 12:16 am

Jetpilot is right. The airlines have final say over seating configurations, pitch, and width. The last airliner I can think of which had seats designed by the manufacturer was the DC-8 (pre-Sixty Series).
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RE: Airbus & Boeing Standards

Wed Feb 09, 2000 12:34 am

It depends mostly on the airline and its standards. But it can also depend on the aircarft:
e.g the body width of an A-320 (319/321) is 3.70 meters (I don't know it in inches, but you can compare it), a B-737/757 has only 3.53 meters. In this case a 3-3 abreast is more confortable in an Airbus. In a widebody aircraft I prefere to have not more than 2-4-2 seats abreast, for example A-330/340 or B-767.