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Dim The Lights

Tue Feb 08, 2000 11:48 pm

Can anyone explain why the lights in the cabine always are dimed during take-of and landing?
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A Shot In The Dark!

Tue Feb 08, 2000 11:57 pm

I don't know for shure, but I would guess it has something to do with the fact that people would have much easier to evacute away from the aircraft if the eyes are used to the dark. The difference between inside the cabin and the darkness outside would be less.
It's just an idea since the lights in the cabin are dimmed during morning/evening flights only.

Perhaps there is another solution, but this would be my suggestion.
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RE: A Shot In The Dark!

Wed Feb 09, 2000 12:41 am

Heisan67 is right. This seems to be a reoccuring topic...

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RE: Dim The Lights

Wed Feb 09, 2000 2:02 am

So that the eyes are properly adjusted to the night in the event of an emergency as previously posted. For the cabin crew's benefit too as we have to assess the outside conditions to determine if it is safe to open a door before doing so. The precious time lost waiting for the eyes to adjust or opening the doors "blind" could prove fatal.