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United's F And C Class Layout On 777s

Sun May 09, 2004 12:11 pm

I was just looking at United's website and examining the different seating layouts of F and C class in the international 777s. I was curious about the differing numbers of seats in each class, and have a couple of questions:

I assume that with arrangements 1 and 3, the space beyond the cockpit on the port side is the crew rest area. Do they have many aircraft in the number 2 layout? If so, are these used on the shorter east coast (JFK and IAD) to Europe routes that are under 8 hours (LHR and CDG)?

Second, are they in the process of transitioning from layout 1 to 3, or are both commonly used? If so, is there some reason to use number 1 instead of number 3 (and give up to C class seats)? I understand that number 3 does not have E-Plus seating, but I am wondering about the business class seat difference.

Finally, is United looking to phase out E-Plus seating as in layout 3, or do they have certain routes that they prefer not to have E-plus seating in.

I appreciate any answers and help with these questions. Thanks.
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RE: United's F And C Class Layout On 777s

Sun May 09, 2004 12:21 pm

Right now I know of only 2 layouts and that is of the domestic 777 and international 777 layouts. They all have E+ and I would have to say that they won't get rid of E+ seeing how they are even going as far as adding E+ to their 733/735 fleet. I know that the domestic version only has 2 classes (no first) and the international has 3 (First, Biz, Coach). And lastly I don't think UA was planning at all in changing the current layout other than adding E+.

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RE: United's F And C Class Layout On 777s

Sun May 09, 2004 1:56 pm

United used to have 4 different 777 configurations, it is now going down to three. There will be 2 International configurations, and one domestic configuration.

They used to have a configuration of F: 12 C:49 Y:197. Those were the 23XXs that flew from the east coast to Europe. The next configuration was on the 777-200ER with 12 in F, 49 in C, 215 in Y. That airplane did not have Y+, but it had the range to do west coast to Europe. The last configuration of the 777 was the 28XX series which had 10 in First, 49 in Biz and 216 in Economy. Those were used on the Pacific runs such as JFK-NRT, SFO-TPE, LAX-AKL ect.

Now they are adding Y+ to the entire 777 fleet. While there will still be four subtypes, there will only be 2 international configs and one domestic config.
The 23XXs and the 29XXs will have:
12 in first
49 in biz
197 in Economy/y+

The 26XXs used on the longer ranged pacific markets will have:
10 in first
45 in biz
198 in Economy/Y+
These aircraft are also equiped with a lower lobe crew rest and a crew rest behind the flight deck.

Domestically, the 25XX series 777s remain untouched. They will retain their 36 First, 312 Economy seating.

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